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Veni Vici cooking Pasta 1000 for Tulips

Veni Vici cooking Pasta 1000 for Tulips

Veni Vici Pasta 1000 for Tulips
Veni Vici cooking Pasta 1000 for Tulips

Hello readers,

The owners of Veni Vici Restaurant (Lapta), Richard and Nadine Muller, have wanted for sometime to organise an event for a local charity and have decided that Tulips will be the charity that benefits from this event, mainly because they have seen quite a few of their customers helped by Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips).


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North Cyprus - TRNC News Today 2nd September 2014 - Erdoğan: “Window of opportunity cannot be open forever”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan image
TRNC News Today 2nd September 2014 Turkish President Erdoğan: “Window of opportunity cannot be open forever”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that their aim is to Recep Tayyip Erdoganmove the negotiation process to a simultaneous referendum process.

Adding that it should be comprehended by everyone that the current negotiation process cannot be open forever, Erdoğan said that no one has a right to put…

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NCCCT September Coffee Morning at The Lodge, Catalkoy

NCCCT logo image
NCCCT Coffee Morning – September 2014

By Margaret Sheard…

After the heat of the summer, the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust (NCCCT) will be resuming their monthly coffee mornings NCCCT logoand for the month of September the coffee morning will be held at The Lodge, Çatalköy on Tuesday 9th September, starting at 10.30am.

There will be the usual stalls selling all sorts of interesting items and a raffle…

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Hope 4 Pets in North Cyprus

By Margaret Sheard…

We recently had a visit from Maria Chappell who is a lover of animals and having lived here in North Cyprus for nearly 8 years and seeing the plight of street animals, both cats and dogs, wanted to do Hope4Pets logosomething positive to help make a difference.

I asked Maria what prompted her to start the Facebook page – Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus and she told me that a good friend, Muriel, had been diagnosed with cancer and decided to return to the UK for treatment and she asked Maria if she would look after her 2 dogs, Scamp and Pepper while she was away. Unfortunately, Muriel’s treatment was not successful and she asked Maria if she could find a home for her 2 dogs.   A Facebook page was set up to see if homes could be found but as all of this had taken place over a period of a year Maria decided that although she already had 3 dogs, she would keep Scamp and Pepper and give them a loving home for the rest of their days.

It was then realised that there were a lot of expatriates returning to the UK and for one reason or another couldn’t take their pets back with them and so on 21st January 2014 Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus was born with a Facebook group. The site has grown from there and now has about 580 members and it has been successful in finding homes for many unwanted animals.

Following are 2 of the early entries made on Facebook to encourage people to join with Maria’s vision of helping the abandoned animals in North Cyprus as well as missing pets.

Maria’s Vision, 21st January 2014

Hope 4 Pets is an open group for members to help find homes and love for the many abandoned dogs and cats here. All who deserve kindness, love and a forever home, in return for their love and devotion. If you are a pet lover please support by sharing on your wall and helping these adorable animals to find new loving owners. They are unable to talk for themselves WE need to Help them ALL. Thank you. Maria.

Maria’s Vision, 21st January 2014

Welcome all new members and thank you for joining, please share with your friends or also invite them by going to the right hand side of this page. All invited friends are able to take themselves off if they do not want to join. Easy. Let’s all try together to help make a difference if only for a few pets needing loving homes.  Please post photos or SOS messages of missing pets we want this page to work.

Moyra Hassan, a member of the new group, had suggested doing something similar to Cause for Paws in ROC, and this resulted in a group discussion via the Facebook page and the idea to have a meeting was formed.   The meeting was held at the Pia Bella Hotel in Girne and at this time it was decided to extend the help of the group to the Nicosia and Famagusta areas with food donations etc.  However, the day following the meeting, Moyra and her husband, Guney, had arranged to go to Famagusta to pick up a puppy to re-home in Girne from a litter of 8 three-week old puppies which had been dumped at the tip without their mother and they were horrified at the conditions they found.

Unfortunately, the puppies were nowhere to be seen and after a quick phone call it was agreed that a home would be given to a 3 month old puppy also looking for a forever home.  When this was reported back, the group burst into action and is the reason that at the present time a lot of effort is being directed to the Famagusta area.  A carload of food has already been taken to Famagusta for the 30 or so animals at the Pound.

Sarah, Chris and Maria

Maria (centre) with Sarah and Chris

The Hope 4 Pets group has a lot of help from Sarah and Chris who live in the area and also Parin, an Iranian student who gives her time to help them.  Famagusta has a problem with stray animals and they are doing their best for them to ensure they are cared for and fed as best they can.  The girls have a good rapport with the Famagusta Belediyesi officials at the tip next to the compound where a lot of the stray animals roam.

A law has been passed which means that all Belediyesi’s now have to provide a Pound for stray animals.  All dogs have to be micro-chipped Dog under tablealthough the group realises that in cases where people have taken many dogs off the streets this can prove to be very expensive, especially with people who basically live on a pension.

Maria said that it is her intention is to work closely with the Belediyesi in each area and also the Government vets.  She feels very strongly about neutering being done free of charge and emphasised that with the re-homing of stray animals, which is her vision, the private vets will in fact find that they will do more business with the people who have given the animals loving homes and may need private care in the future.

The Hope 4 Pets group feel they can do so much to help and will be encouraging people to give a home to unwanted street dogs and the puppies which are appearing all the time.  The Hope My dog is family4 Pets group are also looking for foster homes for dogs and puppies while they are trying to establish a permanent home, so again animal lovers can help with short term care.

The group wants to improve the living conditions for these incarcerated dogs, make sure street dogs are fed and watered, all compound and stray dogs neutered (preferably free) and fund-raise from outside North Cyprus to fund all this and find homes abroad for as many strays as possible.  In the future, the group hopes to raise enough funds to either fully fund or partially fund the transportation costs as there are many people in other countries who would adopt one of the street dogs, but perhaps cannot afford the costs of getting the dog to them.

A meeting has been held with Kyrenia Animal Rescue when they were advised what Hope 4 Pets was all about and KAR was able to offer some advice.  Hope 4 Pets will be working totally independently from KAR and eventually when there are homes found in other countries this will be passed to KAR who are experts in the field of travel arrangements for pets to other countries.

An application to become a charity is being lodged with the backing of Halil and Tulin Avukat who also helped the 112 Emergency Service Volunteers with their charity status in their early days.   It is hoped that when charity status is granted to Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus this will encourage even more support from the public who understand the vision and want to achieve the same goals.

On Saturday 30th August there was an Ice Bucket Challenge and Chris Elliott had given some suggestions and advice to Mass Ice Bucket ChallengeStephanie Harrison-Croft, a member of the Hope 4 Pets Group who was organising the event and published an article promoting it with date and time.  Chris went along to take photographs of the event which was a huge success, with many participants and money being raised.  Thanks should be given to the Girne Belediyesi who agreed that the event could be staged outside their offices and also to Ali at Cafe George for welcoming all of the participants and supporters for a cool drink and shade from the blazing sun and also to his customers who donated to this “splashing” event.

We are also pleased to confirm that is very supportive of this group and is currently preparing a website for Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus, as a donation to the group, and it is planned  that this website will go live very soon.

For those readers worldwide who might like to make a donation to this very worthy cause, please visit North Cyprus Stray Dogs which is a “gofundme” donation page set up by Moyra Hassan which you can view by clicking here and also see the comments and donations made by other like-minded people with a love for animals.


Hope 4 Pets in North Cyprus - caring for street animals Hope 4 Pets in North Cyprus By Margaret Sheard… We recently had a visit from Maria Chappell who is a lover of animals and having lived here in North Cyprus for nearly 8 years and seeing the plight of street animals, both cats and dogs, wanted to do…

Newman’s Farm - BRT2 TV and Radio interviews with Pat Newman

Featured image
Newman’s Farm welcomes Pat Newman Interviews with BRT Vox Pop TV and The Main Event radio programmes

By Margaret Sheard

After doing so much research and writing so many articles about Newman’s Farm, we were so pleased to eventually meet Patricia Newman, the grand-daughter of Philip and Evelyn Newman who originally started Newman’s Farm and Milk Bar in Kyrenia which became so well-known and…

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Mass Ice Bucket challenge in aid of

Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus

By Chris Elliott

Facebook is often seen as the pulse of what is happening and a place where like-minded folk come together to share their thoughts and ideas.

Stephanie Harrison-Croft

Stephanie Harrison-Croft

Recently I observed on the Facebook group page “Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus” a thread started by Stephanie Harrison-Croft indicating the desire to have a collective Mass Ice Bucket Challenge to raise donations to help the work of this group.

I made contact with Stephanie to  see if we could help with a promotional article about this forthcoming event and after exchanging some ideas we published our article which had very high readings wherever the link was placed and we planned to go along and take a few pictures of the event.

Saturday 30th of August 2014 was a very hot sunny day with many people who were participating in the event or there to support it,  gathering in the shade and having cooling drinks at Cafe George which is run by  big hearted George “Ali Ferhatogluları” who is always happy to help charities and good causes.

With the sun climbing higher the participants and their  helpers for the  Mass Ice Bucket Challenge gathered outside the Girne Belediyesi building in the shade and then in unison, they all poured and splashed ice cold water over themselves with squeals and gasps as the cold hit them.

Just look at the picture below and see the participants left to right making their valiant efforts for a good cause:

Tanisha Barnes, Alison Hosford, Bill Harrison-Croft, Sarah Purcell, Stephanie Harrison- Croft, Maria Chappell, David Miller, Loraine Augustus, Brenda Ramsey and Moyra Hassan.

So the Mass Ice Bucket Challenge  ended to the great delight of organiser Collecting donations for Hope 4 Pets North CyprusStephanie Harrison- Croft and this is what she had to say about it:

“Hello everyone Just to let you all know that the Event went fantastic and when all sponsorship, donations are in the total raised for the event is fast reaching 1,300TL with perhaps more to come. Thank you soooooooo much for each and everyone’s support, in whatever the capacity, in helping these needy animals.

I would now like to nominate everyone out there to give a helping hand to a desperate animal by either giving it a drink of water, a meal, a kind hand, a home or in any way you can.

Little by little we can all make a difference Thanxxxxx”

For those Facebook users who would like to read more of  Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus please click here and for those readers who would like to make a donation to North Cyprus Stray Dogs via “Gofundme” please click here

Mass Ice Bucket challenge in aid of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus Mass Ice Bucket challenge in aid of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus   By Chris Elliott Facebook is often seen as the pulse of what is happening and a place where like-minded folk come together to share their thoughts and ideas.

North Cyprus - TRNC News Today 1st September 2014 - Siber: Solution made by leaders on paper, peace made by people’s hearts

Sibel Siber image
TRNC News Today 1st September 2014 Speaker of TRNC Assembly Siber: “We should remember that a solution is made by the leaders on paper however peace is made by the peoples in their hearts”

Speaker of TRNC Assembly Sibel Siber published a message on the occasion of 1st September World Peace Day. In her message Sibel Sibel Siber 3stated that World Peace Day is celebrated in a world where peace is not properly…

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St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia - September 2014 News

St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia – September 2014 News

Sy Andrews Church September News image
St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia - September 2014 News

By Chris Elliott

This summer in North Cyprus it has been very hot and has seemed to go on forever but the season will change and cooler weather will be with us very soon. The picture on the St Andrew’s Church September magazine reminds us of those days in distant places where we may have walked through a carpet of leaves in the forest enjoying…

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North Cyprus - Project of the Century is nearing completion

North Cyprus – Project of the Century is nearing completion

Gecitköy water project
Good news for the environment Project of the Century is nearing completion

Water ProjectThat water transfer project that foresees water being transfer from Turkey via underwater pipelines to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is being referred to as the project of the century is nearing completion.

The Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hamit Bakırcı spoke to BRT about the project and…

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North Cyprus - The Reels Are Turning For The Island’s Golden Island International Film Festival

Golden Island Film Festival image
The Reels Are Turning For The Island’s Brand New Film Festival “Golden Island International Film Festival”

Over 100 films from around the world have now been submitted for showing or competition at the Golden Island International Film Festival which takes place in locations around North Cyprus, from November 7th to 13th this year.

Peter Wills

Peter Wills

A first for North Cyprus, the festival which is…

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