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Cyprus - Don’t Blame The British

Cyprus – Don’t Blame The British

Don't Blame The British

Following the publication of an outstanding article in CYPRUS TODAY a leading North Cyprus newspaperrecently,the author and local historian John Hughes-Wilson has asked to publish his article on the internet to ensure it has the opportunity of worldwide reading and sharing.


This July marks the 40th…

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Cyprus conflict - War for Cyprus still going on in school books after 40 years

Cyprus conflict – War for Cyprus still going on in school books after 40 years

North Cyprus flag
War for Cyprus still going on in school books after 40 years North Cyprus flag

Turkish and North Cypriot flag

Forty years after the division of Cyprus, Greek and Turkish Cypriot schoolchildren are still being taught separate narratives of their shared legacy of pain.

On July 20, 1974, the first Turkish troops landed on the north coast at Kyrenia, with the declared aim of protecting the Turkish Cypriot minority…

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51 Port Operating Squadron leave Valetta Camp, Cyprus

Camp Valetta Cyprus image
51 Port Operating Squadron leave Valetta Camp, Cyprus The Camps of Cyprus By Chris Elliott

Richard Chamberlain, the renowned photographer and author of the book “Cyprus Scene and Way of Life in 1954″, has contacted cyprusscene to see what can be learned of a plaque that he recently purchased at an antiques sale.

This plaque has the image of Cyprus and name plates Plaquewhich say the following:

  • Presente…

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Using your loaf to play the guitar At The Food Lodge, Ҫatalkoy

Learn guitar at The Food Lodge
Using your loaf to play guitar at The Food Lodge

By Mary Day

Jamie Vincent teaching guitar

Jamie Vincent teaching guitar

Today I went for my normal coffee and very tasty cream bun at The Food Lodge, Ҫatalkoy and I must say it was much more enjoyable today due to the guitar lessons that are now being held there on Thursday mornings with Jamie Vincent.

With the sounds of The Streets of London and You Look Wonderful Tonight…

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North Cyprus - Raft Race 10th August 2014 in aid of SPOT

Spot image
The 2014 North Cyprus Raft Race

By Margaret Sheard

It is that time of year again when the annual Raft Race takes place in North Cyprus at Guzelyali Beach, Karşiyaka on Sunday 10th August.  This event is in aid of SPOT (Society for the Protection of Turtles).

SPOT LOGO smlThe rafts can be assembled on site from 10.30am to be ready for judging at 13.00 and the first race will take place at 14.00, against the…

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Punjab Restaurant, Lapta for a great Sunday Lunch

Featured image
 Sunday Lunch at the Punjab, Lapta

By Margaret Sheard

Getting away from all of our writing on can be lovely to be able to relax and we sometimes go out to have a Sunday Lunch.  Chris and MargaretThis week we chose to go to one of our favourites, the Punjab Restaurant in Lapta.

After our chosen starter what a delight we had with our individual plates of succulent tender roast beef and chicken, each…

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SOS image
SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE RAFFLE DRAW Time to check your tickets!

LUCKY ticket holders can now claim their prizes after the second SOS Children’s Village raffle was drawn.

A brand new Citroen C1 car – donated by Asel Engineering Ltd – was the top out of 28 gifts up for grabs, and was won by holder of ticket no. 02153.

The raffle was drawn by the National Lottery AdminisSOS Childrens Villagestration in the presence of a…

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Turkish Popstar denied entry into Greece for having Turkish Cyprus Visa

Turkish Popstar denied entry into Greece for having Turkish Cyprus Visa Turkish popstar Bengü has been denied entry into a Greek island for having a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus visa on her passport, the daily Hürriyet reported on its website.

GAU Dance Fest 2014

By Margaret Sheard

I was surprised to learn just a few days before that the originally 1. Posterplanned Dance Fest on Thursday 24th July had been postponed but I was able to circulate the news immediately and hope that it reached the people who had planned to attend the Dance Fest on Thursday.

The Dance Fest was re-scheduled for Saturday 26th July and I learned later that the postponement of the event was for the 3 days of National Mourning declared by the TRNC Government in recognition of the dreadful events happening in the Gaza Strip, which was supported by GAU.

We arrived at the GAU Spectrum Hall early on Saturday 26th July, to be sure of a seat as this had been advertised as open to the 6. Romanticgeneral public with free entrance.   At this point I apologise for the quality of my pictures as I was some way back from the stage and it was difficult to take photographs, however it is still possible to imagine the brilliant performances of the students at their end of year Dance Fest.

The show opened with a minute’s silence for the people involved in all the current turmoil in the Middle East and especially Palestine.   Simgi Ozekler welcomed the audience (in Turkish) and Suzan Heijari, the Head of the Dance Academy, spoke in English and then the show started.

There were 10 different dances in the first half, all very varied and extremely well presented, this was followed by a short interval and there were a further 9 dances in the second half, all of which were performed beautifully.  As well as the 9 planned dances in the second half we were treated to a surprise performance by a ballerina from Ankara.   The show ended with a performance of Papa, a dance we had previously seen at the recent Gala Night, but this time we had on stage “papa” and a cute little boy who brought a smile to everyone’s face, including the dancers.

This was a wonderful show and congratulations should be given to all of the people involved with the choreography, costumes etc. the people who work in the background to ensure everything goes to plan and most of all the very talented young dancers who are embarking on careers in the world of theatre and dance.  Well done everyone, it was a very enjoyable evening.

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GAU Dance Fest 2014 GAU Dance Fest 2014 By Margaret Sheard I was surprised to learn just a few days before that the originally…

ATAA Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation

Turkish soldier with a child image
ATAA Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation

By Chris Elliott

At such an important time in North Cyprus, we have been sent the following article link by regular reader, Hatice Sahli Kerimgil about the ATAA Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation and we are sharing the content on as below for those readers who also…

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